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Hey! How's it going? I'm Andreaa Freelance Graphic designer and PhotographerI earned my B.A. in Graphic Design & Animation at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA with a Minor in Spanish. I have always had a passion for art, design, film, animation and photography. For the past five years since I graduated in 2007 I have created brand identities that position my clients above their competitors, ultimately increasing client profits. Companies I've worked with include Global Transaction communications, Lingua Franca, Real Maryland F.C., DC/DC dance collective, IL PORTO and WilburSmith Associates. 

Recently I have focused on Photography Portraits and Headshots. I feel it is my duty to help my clients achieve that upgrade of how the entertainment industry needs to view their portfolio. There is an increasing number of clients seeking after modeling, acting, sports and other careers that require Headshots. My style tends to match the professional side while making it as attractive but also as natural as possible. Although I didn't set out to be a photographer it just kind of happened I have had the good fortune to learn from experience and keep perfecting my skills. I have worked with  Dancers, Sportsmen, Sport Teams, Models, Actors, Local Bands, business people and wonderful Families and lovely children. The regards of meeting so many people and actively interacting with one another to achieve perfection simply makes my heart beat faster and absolutely enjoy and thank life for my work. 

 " My intense Love for Art and Computers set me up to become a Graphic Designer ...

    let me serve you as a professional" 

  WITH LOVE .  .  .